How To Fix Non-Responsive Email Marketing Campaigns

Published: 19th November 2016
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To improve the response rate of your email marketing campaigns you need to
analyse and research your audience by using email marketing software. When you obtain statistical data during your campaigns, and use a few creative segmentation strategies, the results from your email marketing campaigns can be vastly improved.

Email marketing for small business may reach 3 different sets of readers:

1.Those who deleted the email without even opening it.

The biggest section of recipients with email marketing for small business are most likely those who never even open the email. It is not uncommon for at least 50% of the audience to delete the email before opening it or discard it as junk. So, how can you improve the response rates of these people? Firstly, you should segment these from your entire audience and then resend the message but change the email's subject line and the name and address of the sender. You'll find that some of the non-openers to the first message will open the new message based on a single and possibly simple change.

The reason for the change could be due to the new the subject line, or that the message is now coming from a real person rather than a company. You need to record and save those changes and continue to test and fine-tune them with each subsequent campaign.

2.Those who opened the email but did not read it or click on the offer made.

The next segment within email marketing for small business comprises of readers who opened and read the email but were not interested enough to click on the offer and go to your website or landing page. This segment may also be pretty big. It is very likely that most of these readers may have read a couple of lines at the beginning of the email and then deleted it.

When this happens, you need to analyse the copy within your email to see how you can improve it to make people want to read further. Also, simply reformatting or reworking the introductory text and subject line can make a big difference and increase your clicks.

3.People who read the email, clicked on the link within the text but did not take any further action.

Finally, we have the last segment comprising of readers who actually opened the email, read the copy and were interested enough to click on the link within the email. However, their interest disappeared after they clicked the link and they chose not to go any further. In email marketing for small business this will be the smallest segment.

In this third segment, you need to look at the page where you are sending your readers. Does the offer remain clear? Is it too difficult to understand or is it too long? Something is not being communicated properly. To improve success, test different landing pages with different segments to see which convert best.

You will need to take time and effort to improve your email responses, and email marketing software can help you to do this. By analyzing your campaign open rates and click-through rates and making appropriate tweaks and changes, your email marketing campaigns will start to provide better results.


As your email database grows, you will need to automate the process as it will become impossible to manage your database manually. Reliable email software can handle many more emails than you could ever process manually and allows you to get on with running your business while it manages your email marketing. For a full review of the leading email marketing services provider go to Aweber Review.

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